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Scallions (sometimes referred to as green onions) are . They make a great addition stir try and noodle dishes, marinades, soups and other salad dressings. It can be used in almost the same way you use onions -except it adds a more unique flavor. Scallions make a great addition to many recipes and it is widely used across the world.

But did you know that growing scallions at home is fairly easy? It also saves time and money in the long run. And it works in a pinch! and helps to reduce waste.

Growing scallions works especially well when you know you won’t go to the store or harvest more scallions anytime soon. And you don’t need fancy equipment or any gardening know-how to do this.

Here’s a guide on how to grow scallions from the roots.

fresh green onions (scallion) and green lettuce on a cutting board isolated.

Supplies for Regrowing Scallions

  • Scallions (from the store or your garden) with their roots still intact.
  • A knife
  • Jar
  • Water

Growing Scallions Indoors Instructions

Step 1

Cut the scallions from the top down, leaving about 2 inches and the full root system.

Leave about 2 inches plus the roots

Step 2

Place the 2-inch piece of green onion with the roots into a glass jar

Regrowing scallions process

Step 3

Add about 1/2 inch of water (enough to cover the roots).


Step 4

Place your jar on a sunny windowsill.


That’s it. Watch your green onion regrow their green tops over next week or two. You can then use it and grow it again! We like to have 2 or 3 going at once so they get on a re-growth cycle.

Why Regrow Scallions?

Regrowing scallions allows you to always have fresh scallions available whenever needed. It also saves you time and money from buying from the grocery store. And it’s super cheap to grow, so why not?

The scallion roots can also be replanted in the garden to grow up again, especially if you think you’ve reached the last round of water regrowth.

What’s the difference between Green Onions and scallions?

Distinguishing between scallions and green onions comes down to how long they grow before harvest. Check out their bulbs—scallions have the slimmest ones, usually not wider than the onion’s stem. Green onions sport slightly larger bulbs.

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