Homesteaders’ Book Club Spring 2021: No-Dig Gardening

Homesteaders’ Book Club Spring 2021: No-Dig Gardening

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We’re pleased to announce that started in March 2021, the Hometeaders’ Book Club will be reading a brand new gardening resource from Cold Springs Press: The Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening: Grow beautiful vegetables, herbs, and flowers – the easy way!

Read on to learn how to join the book club and how to participate!!

What is the Homesteaders’ Book Club?

The Homesteaders’ Book Club is a virtual group book club facilitated through a Facebook Group. It is open to anyone who is interested in living a more rustic, self-reliant life and wants to learn more on related topics.

Each season, we choose a book to read concurrently. The facilitator (Carrie from Homestead How-To) posts weekly questions in the Facebook group for participants to answer and discuss. The goal is to learn with and from each other, as well as from experts.

To join our Facebook Group, click here and request membership.

How does the Homesteaders’ Book Club Work?

It’s easy!

  • Join the Facebook Group and look out for announcements about book selections each season.
  • Choose whether you want to participate in each “read.” If you do, obtain a copy of the book by ordering online, getting it from your local bookstore, or checking it out of the library.
  • Start reading the book according to the schedule published by Homestead How-To.
  • Contribute to weekly discussions during the reading period by sharing constructive lessons learned, asking questions, and sharing your opinion about the book.

PS – you can check out our Amazon Storefront “Library” to see some of the great books we have read in the past!

Spring 2021 Book Club Schedule

visual with weekly topics for the homesteaders' book club spring 2021

Week 1 (March 12-19): Introduction to the Concept of No-Dig Gardening, read Chapters 1 & 2.

Week 2 (March 20 – 26): Creating your No-Dig Garden, read Chapters 3 & 4.

Week 3 (March 27 – April 2): Planting your No-Dig Garden, read Chapter 5.

Week 4 (April 3-9): Variations on the No-Dig Garden, read Chapters 6 & 7.

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