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Welcome to Homestead How-To.  Your resource for information and inspiration on living a more rustic and self-reliant life.  Whether you are a full-time off-grid homesteader or an urban homesteader (or anywhere in between), we welcome you to this homestead learning community.  Click on our categories to start learning!

grow your own food

Self-reliance often starts with feeding yourself from your own land.  What can you grow?  Where can you start?  Check out our gardening section for tips on homestead vegetable gardening and landscaping.

Plentiful Harvest Basket
raising chickens

raise animals

Whether raising animals as companions or as part of your effort to feed your family, these animal husbandry tips from other homesteaders will help you on the path to success.

cook & Preserve

Shop less and save money by making more of your own food and preserving the food you grow.  Turn your homestead kitchen into a powerhouse of self-reliance with cooking tips from experienced homesteaders.

Baking with Whole Wheat Flour
How to build a log cutting rack

do it yourself

From construction projects to cleaning supplies, crafting, and beauty, make it yourself!  Stop paying others, and learn how to make DIY a regular practice on your homestead.

plan & organize

Self-reliant living means planning ahead and staying on top of the tasks you need to accomplish on your homested.  Whether you want to start a business or just stay organized our planning tips will help! 

Tools for staying organized on the homestead

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