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Welcome to Homestead How-To, helping you to live a more rustic and self-reliant life.  What will you learn today?

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grow your own food

Self-reliance often starts with feeding yourself from your own land.  What can you grow?  Where can you start?  Check out our gardening section for tips on homestead vegetable gardening and landscaping.

cook & PReserve

Shop less and save money by making more of your own food and preserving the food you grow.  Turn your homestead kitchen into a powerhouse of self-reliance with cooking tips from experienced homesteaders.

Do it Yourself

When you can make or build something yourself, you save money and become more self-reliant. From energy efficiency projects to homemade gifts and natural cleaning, we've got you covered.

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pruning shears ready to trim a tomato plant

How (and Why) to Prune Tomato Plants

As a gardener who loves to keep things simple, I used to wonder, “Do I really need to prune our tomato plants?” I mean, even a messy garden with weeds and overgrown plants still seems to produce. But the truth of the matter is that…

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lifting a water glassed egg out of bucket

How to Water Glass Eggs for Long-Term Storage

Water glassing is an age-old egg preservation method that allows you to preserve eggs for 12-18 months – much longer than you would keep them on the counter or in the refrigerator. The process for water glassing eggs is simple but relies on a few…

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no-dig gardening book on garden table

Book Review: The Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening

We were provided with a review copy of The Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening by Cool Springs Press / Quarto Publishing Group. We appreciate them sharing a copy so we could share with our readers. The Homesteaders’ Book Club recently selected Charlie Nardozzi’s new book…

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