Read “Spice Apothecary” with the Homesteaders’ Book Club!

Read “Spice Apothecary” with the Homesteaders’ Book Club!

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The Homesteaders’ Book Club is pleased to announce our late summer 2020 common read – Spice Apothecary: Blending and Using Common Spices for Everyday Life by Bevin Clare. Appreciation to Storey Publishing for providing a free copy of this book for one lucky book club member!

Do you have a shelf full of spices that you don’t use enough? Perhaps your garden is full of fresh herbs and you’d like to know better how to cook with them. If you’re also interested in the medicinal benefits of herbs and spices, then this book group read is for you!

spice apothecary
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In this newly released text, Clare explores the traditional and modern ways in which people use herbs and spices for flavor and health, and shares a variety of recipes for each type spice included in the book. We’ll read the book together, try some recipes, and discuss the ways in which we might make spices a more central part of our daily routine.

About the Homesteaders’ Book Club

The Homesteaders’ Book Club is a virtual book club with members from all around the world. We read books related to homesteading, self-reliance, gardening, and DIY. Members discuss these books together through regular posts in our Facebook Group Page.

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