How to Start Seeds Indoors – Part 4: When to Plant

How to Start Seeds Indoors – Part 4: When to Plant

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Wondering when to plant seeds indoors so you can get a head start on your garden? Here’s a hint – don’t plant everything at once. Each vegetable variety grows at a different rate, and has a different suggested planting time based on the date when you’ll transplant it to the garden. This article shares tips for knowing when to start seeds indoors plus a FREE seed starting schedule you can print out for home use!

Tips for Creating a Seed Starting Schedule

The recipe for creating a seed starting schedule is pretty simple:

  1. Choose the varieties you want to plant inside (read more about making those choices in our previous article on seed starting);
  2. Look up your average date of last frost on the Farmer’s Almanac website; you’ll use this as the date from which you back track as you determine when each seed should be planted;
  3. Read the seed packet or consult a seed starting schedule chart (we’re offering you a free one in this article!) to determine when those seeds should be started;
  4. Plan your seed starting schedule ahead of time, so that you know what space and supplies you’ll need at what time (more on seed starting supplies in this article);
  5. Divide your seeds into categories or put them in order in your storage bin so that each batch is ready to go;
  6. Plant according to your schedule (here’s more advice on how to plant seeds and care for them)!
We divide our seeds by planting date into plastic bags to keep moisture out,
then store them in a holiday cookie tin.

Seed Starting Schedule – FREE DOWNLOAD!!

To help make the seed starting process simpler for you, we’ve created a FREE downloadable seed starting chart. Simply fill in your average date of last frost, then use the timetables suggested to determine the dates when you’ll start each group of seeds.

Note that some vegetable varieties vary from the typical time frame so be sure to consult the seed packet to confirm timing before planting.

seed starting schedule image
Click the image to download a FREE printable Seed Starting Schedule!

Be sure to check out the other articles in our seed starting series! Planting seeds can be a great, cost efficient way to support a big vegetable garden and we’ve provided all the resources you need to make it happen!

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