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Zucchinis are simple and easy to grow, making them a favorite among gardeners. However, to maximize your chances of a successful harvest, it’s important to choose the right companion plants.

Zucchinis belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. These plants thrive in sunny, sheltered locations and are heavy feeders, requiring a lot of nutrients to produce their bountiful yields. Despite their vigorous growth, zucchinis can still fall victim to various pests and diseases, significantly impacting their productivity.

To ensure your zucchini crop remains healthy and productive, select companion plants that complement their growth requirements and offer protective benefits. Here are 15 best companion plants for your zucchini plants.


Beautiful close-up of a borage flower .Colourful blue Borage flowers.
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Borage is a low-maintenance annual plant that will be buzzing with insects feeding on its delicate purple flowers. These insects pollinate zucchini plants and feed on pests such as aphids and hornworms. Borage plants self-seed easily but can become quite prolific, so weed out unwanted seedlings early in the spring.


Flower with leaves Calendula (Calendula officinalis, pot, garden or English marigold) on blurred green background. Note: Shallow depth of field
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Calendula has a distinctive musky fragrance that will repel hornworms, aphids, and flea beetles from your vegetable plot. They are easy to grow and will form a mat of colorful flowers.

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Marigolds are the superstars of the companion planting world – there aren’t many plants that don’t benefit from being grown near these glorious flowers! Marigolds are great zuchinni companions because they excel at repelling pests like plant-parasitic nematodes, aphids, and beetles. They also attract beneficial pollinators and insects that help to reduce the number of pests on your plants.

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Red radish growing in the garden.
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Radishes are the perfect companion plant for zucchinis. They act as a trap crop, luring squash bugs and cucumber beetles away from your zucchinis.

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Garden nasturtium flowers in the garden in spring.
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Nasturtiums are often grown as a trap crop, attracting aphids who love to feast on the flowers of this pretty plant. They can also help to reduce squash bug populations and attract beneficial insects to your vegetable plot.


Pea pod of string beans, tree in the vegetable garden.
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Beans enrich the soil with nitrogen, producing vigorous zucchini growth.


growing lettuce
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Maximize the use of your garden space by planting lettuces, as this fast-growing salad will be ready to harvest in just a few weeks. This will provide ground cover to suppress weeds and retain moisture in the soil.

Sweet Alyssum

A cluster of white sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima). The flowers are small and have four petals. The leaves are small and green, and they are visible around the base of the flowers.
Image credit: Hectonichus, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

If you often have problems with aphids in the vegetable plot, then sweet alyssum might be the answer. This low-growing annual flower is highly effective at attracting parasitoid wasps, and it is one of the best insects for pest control. Sweet alyssum self-seeds easily without becoming too invasive.


basil 1
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Basil repels insects and attracts pollinators, making it a good companion for zuchinnis.

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The strong scent of garlic deters many pests, including aphids.

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dill growing on the vegetable bed
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Dill attracts beneficial insects like ladybugs and wasps that prey on harmful pests in the vegetable garden. Grow a border of dill along one side of your zuchinnis to keep harmful insects at bay.


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Sunflowers are excellent at attracting pollinators and beneficial insects. In addition, their tall stalks provide the perfect foundation for zucchini vines to climb upwards.

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Close-up of growing green onion in the vegetable garden.
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Like garlic, the strong scent of onions will help deter aphids and other pests. Plant rows of onion around the borders of your zucchini to create an aromatic defense barrier.

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Sage is a low-maintenance perennial herb that deters cabbage moths, a troublesome insect that targets several vegetable crops. Its flowers also attract many beneficial insects that boost pollination and keep aphids under control.

Sage can be easily rooted from cuttings, so add this flavorsome herb to all your vegetable beds to maximize the benefits.

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A large handful of ripe raw peas in the palms of man's hands. Concept of proper healthy nutrition, agriculture.
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Peas make excellent companion plants for zucchinis because they enrich the soil with nitrogen, promoting vigorous growth. This nutrient boost enhances zucchini’s fruit production, leading to a more abundant harvest.

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