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Marigolds are celebrated for their ease of growing and their stunning beauty. These cheerful annuals are not only easy to grow but also work hard in your garden by attracting beneficial pollinators, deterring pests, and even adding edibles to your table.

Whether you choose the robust African marigolds or the dainty French varieties, incorporating marigolds into your garden annually is a decision that pays off in more ways than one. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider making marigolds a staple in your gardening routine.

Easy to Grow and Maintain

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Marigolds are some of the easiest flowers to cultivate, making them perfect for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike. These bright, colorful annuals thrive when directly sown into the garden, quickly filling out spaces with their vibrant blooms. They are low maintenance, requiring basic care to flourish and bring life to your garden each year.

Excellent Companion Plant

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Marigolds are fantastic in vegetable gardens, particularly when planted near bell peppers, strawberries, black walnuts, tomatoes, and lettuce. Their roots release a natural toxin that repels nematodes and other soil-dwelling pests, safeguarding the health of nearby plants. This makes marigolds a functional addition to your garden.

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Effective Trap Crop

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Acting as a natural pest control, marigolds can serve as a trap crop, diverting pests away from more valuable plants. For instance, planting marigolds around the edges of garden beds can attract slugs, keeping them occupied and away from other crops. While some marigold plants might be sacrificed, they play a crucial role in protecting your garden from pest infestations.

Attracts Beneficial Pollinators

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Marigolds are a hotspot for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Their heavy blooming and long-lasting flowers offer ample nectar, which is crucial for attracting these beneficial insects. Pollinators play a vital role in the health of your garden by aiding in the pollination of plants, ensuring a successful growing season.

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Invites Predatory Insects

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In addition to attracting pollinators, marigolds also lure predatory insects like ladybugs, lacewings, and parasitic wasps. These natural predators feast on common garden pests such as aphids and caterpillars, providing effective biological pest control. By planting marigolds, you encourage a natural ecosystem where beneficial insects help maintain the balance, keeping harmful pests in check.

Keeps the Rabbit Away

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Marigolds are a natural deterrent for rabbits, who find the scent and taste of these flowers unappealing. Planting marigolds around the perimeter of your garden or interspersing them among your vegetables can help protect more vulnerable plants from rabbit damage. This natural barrier method is simple to keep rabbits at bay without harsh chemicals or fences.

Deer Resistant

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Deer, much like rabbits, tend to avoid marigolds due to their strong scent and flavor. Incorporating marigolds into your garden adds color and life and acts as a protective shield, keeping deer from feasting on your more valuable plants. By planting marigolds around the edges of your garden or in strategic spots, you can create a natural repellent that keeps deer out while enhancing the garden’s aesthetic appeal.

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Natural Mosquito Repellent

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Marigolds are also beneficial in the fight against mosquitoes. Planting marigolds in and around seating areas and close to doorways and windows can help reduce the presence of mosquitoes. This makes marigolds an excellent choice for gardeners looking to enjoy their outdoor spaces without the annoyance of pesky mosquitoes.


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Marigolds are beautiful and beneficial for pest control, and their flowers are also edible. They can add color and a spicy flavor to salads or as a decorative garnish for dishes.

Aesthetically Appealing

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Marigolds’ vibrant colors, ranging from bright yellows to deep oranges, make them a visually appealing addition to your garden.

Weed Suppression

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The thick growth of marigolds can help suppress weeds, reducing the need for frequent weeding. Their dense foliage prevents sunlight from reaching the soil surface, inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants. This natural weed control helps keep your garden neat and reduces competition for nutrients among your plants.

Ideal for Cut Flower Arrangements

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Marigolds are perfect for gardens and make beautiful cut flowers. They can also be arranged in vases to bring their cheerful colors indoors. With their prolific blooming and variety of colors, marigolds allow you to create stunning, long-lasting floral displays that brighten any room.

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