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Hummingbirds are a delightful sight in any garden. Spotting one of these tiny birds can brighten anyone’s day, and with a few adjustments, you can enjoy this experience right outside your home.

While hummingbirds are fascinating, it’s important to cater to their needs for food, water, and nesting places to attract these remarkable birds to your yard or garden.

If you’re eager to see more hummingbirds in your garden, here are nine practical ways to make it a welcoming place for them.

Plant Hummingbird-Friendly Flowers

Tall red flowers of Monard bee balm in the summer garden
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Opt for nectar-rich and brightly colored flowers, particularly in shades of red. Favorites include trumpet vine, bee balm, columbine, and salvia. Attraction is primarily through color rather than scent. Planting a mix of these flowers offers better chances of drawing them in, providing nourishment and a place for rest and nesting.

Continuous Blooming

blooming plants and flowers in garden
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Ensure your garden has a succession of blooming plants throughout the hummingbird migration period, offering a steady food source.

Water Sources

bird bath
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Incorporating a birdbath or similar water feature in your garden provides hummingbirds with the necessary resources for cooling off, bathing, and drinking. These birds enjoy frequent baths. Providing a constant water source, like a dripping fountain or a mister, attracts hummingbirds because they find these features especially inviting.

Feeder Placement

bird feeder
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Place feeders where they’re safe from predators and where you can easily see the hummingbirds.

DIY Bird Feeder

Feeder Maintenance

bird eats from the feeder in winter. shooting with freezing birds in flight. The benefits of feeding animals in cold weather.
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Cleaning your feeders regularly is important to prevent mold and bacteria, which could harm the hummingbirds.

Make Hummingbird Nectar

Hummingbirds at the feeder with sugar
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To keep up with their fast metabolisms, hummingbirds eat an impressive amount of insects and nectar daily. You can offer them nectar, their preferred energy source, to support them. They’re drawn to the sweetness of sugar, which closely resembles the natural nectar found in flowers. By preparing a simple sugar solution and adding it to your bird feeder, you can provide a much-appreciated energy boost for your hummingbird visitors.

Promote Insect Life

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Apart from nectar, hummingbirds require small insects and spiders for protein. A garden full of insects provides them with an extra food source.

Perching Areas

beautiful backyard garden
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Hummingbirds need spots to rest and keep an eye out for predators. Integrate thin branches or wires near feeding sites for perching. Providing a variety of safe perching and resting spots in your yard is necessary, as hummingbirds spend considerable time resting and surveilling their territory.

Diverse Habitat

English country garden patio area
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Have a range of plants of different heights and types to offer shelter and possible places for nesting.

Avoid Pesticides

spraying the plant.
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Pesticides pose a significant threat to the insects hummingbirds feed on for protein. Opt for natural pest control solutions to maintain a safe environment for the hummingbirds.

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