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Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile and readily accessible household staple with many surprising uses.

Beyond its role as a basic first aid remedy, hydrogen peroxide emerges as a household assistant, simplifying various cleaning tasks. 

Here are 12 ways you can use hydrogen peroxide around the house. 

Disinfect a Cutting Board

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Hydrogen peroxide works wonders for sanitizing your cutting board. All you have to do is pour it across the surface, then use a fresh sponge to spread it evenly. Give it time to bubble up and work its magic, eliminating bacteria. After a few moments, wipe it clean with the sponge. It’s a simple, effective way to keep your board germ-free.

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Eradicate Stains

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You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove tough stains. Simply pour it directly onto the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then blot it away with a damp cloth. You can also toss it in the wash to continue working its magic.

Prevent Root Rot in Houseplants

Mold growth on soil in houseplant flower pot
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Hydrogen peroxide can be a real lifesaver for your houseplants, helping them stay healthy and warding off dreaded root rot. Just mix a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with a cup of water, and use this blend to water your plants. It’s a simple trick that can make a big difference in their well-being.

Wash Fruits and Veggies

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Mom always said, “Make sure to wash your fruits and veggies.” And she was right. Think about how they get to your table and all the hands they pass through at the grocery store – they can get pretty dirty. With hydrogen peroxide, you can wash your fruits and veggies. It helps wash away dirt and pesticides, keeping your produce clean and safe to eat.

Make Your Tile Grout Sparkle

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Grout lines naturally pick up dirt, stains, and start to look discolored after a while. Hydrogen peroxide is a great solution for this problem. Just applying a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to the dirty areas can really help. It works to dissolve the stains and brings your grout back to looking like new.

Eliminate Mold 

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Hydrogen peroxide is a potent ally in the battle against mold. By applying a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to affected areas, you can actively combat mold growth. This doesn’t just clean visible mold; it also takes care of those tiny spores you can’t see. This makes your home healthier and protects it from the harmful effects of mold.

Freshen Up Your Toilet

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Hydrogen peroxide is an effective, professional-grade cleaner for your toilet bowl. Begin by pouring a moderate amount of hydrogen peroxide into the bowl. After a short period, softly scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. This method efficiently removes stains and disinfects and leaves your toilet bowl perfectly clean and sanitized.

Weed Control

Woman hand in garden glove pulling out weeds.
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Hydrogen peroxide offers a safe and effective solution for destroying weeds in your garden. By spraying hydrogen peroxide directly on the weeds, you can eradicate them without harsh chemicals. However, when applying the solution, it’s important to take care and avoid damaging your desirable plants.

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Faster Seed Germination

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Many gardeners praise hydrogen peroxide for its ability to accelerate seed germination. Soaking seeds in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water helps break down the seed coating, improving oxygen absorption and speeding up germination. This method is particularly effective for seeds like peas, although it may not suit all seed types.

Treat Potting Mix Before Use

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To prevent introducing pathogens into your garden, disinfect your potting mix with hydrogen peroxide, especially if its origin is unknown. Lightly dampen the mix by sprinkling or spraying 1/2 cup of peroxide, then thoroughly mix before use.

Boost Oxygen Content in Poorly Aerated Soil

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Hydrogen peroxide can revitalize compacted, oxygen-deprived soil, enhancing plant growth and yield. Careful application around plant roots introduces essential oxygen, helping to alleviate compaction issues.

Sanitizing Seeds

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Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent sanitizing agent for seeds, especially seeds acquired through unknown sources. Soaking seeds in a peroxide solution eliminates surface bacteria, ensuring a clean start for germination. How to Start Seeds Indoors

Clean Mirrors

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No Windex, no problem. Mirrors and glass surfaces often accumulate smudges, fingerprints, and dust, diminishing their clarity and visual appeal. Mix a bit of hydrogen peroxide with water, spray it on your mirrors, then wipe it off. The result? No streaks, no smudges, just crystal-clear surfaces that’ll make you want to admire yourself and your reflection all day long.

Sanitize Dish Sponge

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Dish sponges are often laden with bacteria and grime. However, you can use hydrogen peroxide to help eliminate microbial contaminants, ensuring thorough sanitization.

Clean the Countertop

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You can use Hydrogen peroxide as an all-purpose cleaner to clean your countertops. 

An Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Toys

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To clean baby toys, simply mix hydrogen peroxide with water, let the toys soak, and then rinse them with clean water.

Brighten Your White Clothes

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Hydrogen Peroxide can serve as a laundry detergent substitute. It can effectively revive and brighten your whites. It also helps to soften the towel’s fabric and keep it fluffy.

Pest Control

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Address pest infestations effectively by spraying plant foliage with a hydrogen peroxide solution. This repels insects and destroys eggs and larvae thanks to its disinfecting properties.

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Boost Root Development in Plants

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Promote robust root development in cuttings by watering them with a hydrogen peroxide solution. This extra oxygen in the solution gives cuttings a healthy start.

Sanitize Old Plant Pots

Spraying the plant.
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Before repotting, spray the inside of old pots with hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and sanitize the surface. Ensure pots are rinsed well before use.

Clean Garden Tools

Gardening tools and plants on land
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Disinfect garden tools with hydrogen peroxide, particularly after they’ve been used around infected plants. This precaution prevents the spread of disease and maintains the health of your garden.

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