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Many of us throw away our coffee grounds after brewing our morning coffee, not realizing these leftovers have much more to offer. Coffee grounds can be reused and repurposed in so many practical ways.

Here are 14 creative uses for old coffee grounds that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

Add Coffee Grounds to Compost

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Composting turns your kitchen scraps and yard waste into a soil booster, and coffee grounds are a fantastic ingredient. They’re rich in nitrogen, which enriches the compost, making your soil more nourishing for plants. Tossing coffee grounds into your compost bin helps balance the mix, offering just the right blend of carbon and nitrogen.

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Create a Body Scrub

coffee scrub with beans in mason jar
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Coffee grounds can be a great addition to your skincare routine. Used grounds make a good exfoliating scrub because they help remove dead skin, may lessen cellulite’s appearance, and improve blood circulation. Your skin can end up feeling softer and smoother.

Homemade Coffee Scrub with Coconut Oil

Homemade Soap Bar

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Turn your old coffee grounds into a soap bar to help enhance your shower experience. It’s a wonderful way to repurpose old coffee grounds.

Garden Fertilizer

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Adding coffee grounds to your soil can give your plants a natural boost. Mixing in the grounds helps enrich the soil, making your plants healthier and happier. Coffee grounds are packed with essential nutrients that support plant growth. They’re especially good for plants that love acidic soil, such as cucumbers, hydrangeas, blueberries, onions, and azaleas.

Neutralize Odors

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Coffee grounds can also work wonders as a natural deodorizer. They’re great at removing any unwanted smells around your home, whether in the fridge, trash can, or pantry.

Prevent Ants

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If you’ve noticed ants making themselves at home in certain spots around your house, coffee grounds can be a simple, natural deterrent. Just scatter some ground in the areas where you’ve seen ants hanging out.

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Rid Your Dog of Fleas

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Coffee grounds can be a natural way to help keep fleas off your dog. Just rub some coffee grounds onto your dog’s coat during their usual bath time and rinse it off. It’s a chemical-free method to deter fleas.

Fix a Scratch in Dark Wood

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If you’ve got a piece of furniture with a rich, dark wood finish that’s been impaired by an unsightly scratch, there’s a trick you can try. Massage some spent coffee grounds into the scratch; it will conceal the scratch and give your furniture a bit of a makeover.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors from Your Hands

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Coffee grounds aren’t just good for getting rid of fridge odors; they also work well for removing smells from your hands. If you cook frequently, then you know all too well how scents like garlic or onion can linger on your fingers. To eliminate these odors, rub your hands with coffee grounds.

Natural Cleaning Product

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Coffee grounds can also be used as a natural cleaning agent around the house. You can use the coffee grounds to scrub stubborn stains on pots and pans. Using coffee grounds to clean is a natural, nontoxic alternative to harsh chemicals. The abrasive texture of coffee grounds makes them effective for scrubbing surfaces without causing damage.

Mosquito Repellent

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Coffee grounds are used as a mosquito repellent. The smell of coffee repulses mosquitoes – they do not want to come near it. So the next time you enjoy your backyard, and mosquitoes are present, use coffee grounds to create a natural mosquito repellent. The smell can help keep mosquitoes at bay.

A Natural Dye with Coffee Grounds

Tie Dyed Shirts for Sale at Festival
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For those who love crafting and are on the lookout for a natural, eco-friendly dye, coffee grounds could be just what you need. They provide a sustainable option for coloring your clothes, giving fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and polyester gorgeous earthy shades of brown.

Make a Candle

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You can repurpose coffee grounds to create a beautiful, aromatic, scented candle. All you have to do is mix the coffee grounds with melted wax to make scented candles. This is an excellent way to give old coffee grounds new life and purpose.

Donate to a Community Garden

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Local community gardens often love getting coffee grounds from neighborhood residents. The nutrients and natural pest-repelling qualities of coffee grounds are a big hit with gardeners and farmers alike.

How to Use Coffee Grounds on Houseplants

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If you’ve been in the habit of simply disposing of your coffee grounds each morning, you should rethink your approach. Coffee grounds offer an eco-friendly alternative for enhancing your plant’s soil quality and promoting growth. Coffee grounds have nutrients that plants like, so they can improve your soil and act as a natural fertilizer. Here’s how.

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