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Stews are the go-to comfort food during chilly weather. Whether beef with carrots and potatoes or onions and herbs, these recipes are easy to make and comforting to eat.

Each stew is a hearty, one-dish meal filled with protein and vegetables, cooked slowly to perfection.

If you love curling up with a hearty bowl of stew, here are 25 delicious recipes for you to enjoy.

1. Easy Homemade Vegetable Stew Recipe

vegetable stew in green dish
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

Indulge in this hearty vegetable stew, packed with a variety of veggies, to create a satisfying and flavorful dish. Ideal for autumn or winter dining, it pairs wonderfully with a side of bread.

Get the Recipe: Easy Homemade Vegetable Stew Recipe

2. Zucchini Stew

Bowl of zucchini stew with blue napkin and serving spoon.
Image Credit: Veggies Save The Day

This meatless stew is so tasty. Its potatoes and zucchini fill you up with wholesome flavors. It pairs well with crusty bread for a budget-friendly take on comfort food.

Get This Recipe: Zucchini Stew

3. Harvest Pork Stew

Horizontal image of a blue speckled bowl of Harvest Pork Stew next to a wooden soup spoon
Image Credit: Sense and Edibility

Pork, butternut squash, and celery combine to make the best stew. This makes a great meal for cold weather months, as it is filling, hearty, and fairly easy to prepare.

Get This Recipe: Harvest Pork Stew

4. Seafood Stew

A bowl Cioppino seafood stew filled with shrimp, scallops, crab legs, fish, clams, and mussels and served with slices of bread.
Image Credit: The Forked Spoon

Skip the beef and make a seafood stew with mashed potatoes for a meal that is easy to prepare but has such an elegant flavor.

Get This Recipe: Seafood Stew

5. White Bean and Smoked Pork Stew

A bowl full of grah stew with white beans, potatoes, carrots, and smoked pork ribs.
Image Credit: The Peasant’s Daughter

Smoked pork and white beans are perfect for a filling and wholesome stew. This recipe is easy to make and satisfies even the heartiest appetites.

Get This Recipe: White Bean and Smoked Pork Stew

6. Creamy Chicken Stew

top view of spoon in chicken stew in red pot
Image Credit: Healthy Fitness Meals

Make a pot of creamy chicken stew with peas, carrots, and celery for a comfort meal that no one can resist. This is such a cozy weeknight meal idea that the entire family will love.

Get This Recipe: Creamy Chicken Stew

7. Ptarmigan Spruce Grouse Stew

a picture of a brown stone bowl on a wooden board, filled with ptarmigan stew.
Image Credit: An Off Grid Life

If you have a hunter in your life, you will want to save this spruce grouse stew. This is unique, aromatic, and amazingly delicious.

Get This Recipe: Ptarmigan Spruce Grouse Stew

8. Hamburger and Rice Stew

A close up, over the top image of Hamburger Stew with Rice in a Dutch oven.
Image Credit: From Valerie’s Kitchen

Check out this hamburger rice stew if you need a filling and budget-friendly dinner idea.  It has plenty of veggies to make the best one-dish dinner. It can also feed a crowd and won’t break the bank to prepare.

Get This Recipe: Hamburger and Rice Stew

9. Classic Oyster Stew

Traditional oyster stew recipe
Image Credit: Fearless Eating

You can’t go wrong with a classic oyster stew for dinner. This creamy recipe requires only a few simple ingredients.

Get This Recipe: Classic Oyster Stew

10. Carolina Fish Stew

Fish stew in two white bowls. A basket of hushpuppies is in the background.
Image Credit: The Blond Cook

There is no need to take a vacation to get the unforgettable flavor of Carolina fish stew. This recipe delivers the authentic flavor you crave from your own home kitchen.

Get This Recipe: Carolina Fish Stew

11. Mushroom Stew

A bowl of mushroom stew on a white table.
Image Credit: Delightful Adventures

Skip the meat and make a filling stew with mushrooms, carrots, and peas. This dish is cozy for cold weather days and pairs perfectly with crusty bread.

Get This Recipe: Mushroom Stew

12. Spicy Chocolate Boar Stew

wild boar stew with chocolate over polenta and a fork lifting a piece of meat
Image Credit: Your Guardian Chef

Boar meat stew with spicy chocolate sauce is an unforgettable dish. Serve it over potatoes for a melt-in-your-mouth flavor that will have everyone cleaning their plates!

Get This Recipe: Spicy Chocolate Boar Stew

13. Kidney Bean Stew

Kidney bean stew in a black bowl with toasted bread slices.
Image Credit: Green Bowl 2 Soul

Kidney beans and veggies are the ultimate budget friendly dinner option. You can feed a crowd with great food for just a few dollars with this recipe.

Get This Recipe: Kidney Bean Stew

14. Greek Eggplant Stew

A bowl of old fashioned beef stew with eggplants on a napkin, another at the back.
Image Credit: The Greek Foodie

Make some old-fashioned Greek eggplant stew to satisfy at dinner time. This recipe is aromatic and has a fantastic kick of cinnamon to compliment the tomato sauce.

Get This Recipe: Greek Eggplant Stew

15. Quick Pumpkin Stew

A bowl with pumpkin stew with tortellini and a spoon, half view of a pan with stew and a plate with herbs and spices.
Image Credit: Miss Cookalot

Tortellini and pumpkin paired with hearty veggies make a wonderful stew. This cozy dish is easy to prepare and makes a filling fall meal.

Get This Recipe: Quick Pumpkin Stew

16. Beef Stew and Dumplings

A ladle filled with a portion of beef stew topped with dumplings.
Image Credit: Dash for Dinner

Classic beef stew and dumplings are always a good idea for dinner. You can make this in your slow cooker for a fuss-free, family-style meal that is as aromatic as filling.

Get This Recipe: Beef Stew and Dumplings

17. Chicken Brunswick Stew

A bowl of chicken brunswick stew in a bowl with a glass of bottle.
Image Credit: Garlic and Zest

Deliver bold BBQ flavors with your next stew. This dish has shredded chicken in a hearty sauce with plenty of veggies, making it a great way to stick to your ribs.

Get This Recipe: Chicken Brunswick Stew

18. Potato Stew

A bowl full of thick vegetable and potato stew with the pot nearby.
Image Credit: My Quiet Kitchen

Mushrooms, potatoes, and chickpeas are a great combination for a meatless meal. You will love this savory dish, which will stretch your budget and fill your bellies.

Get This Recipe: Potato Stew

19. Cuban Beef Stew

large bowl of Cuban Instant Pot Beef Stew (Carne con Papas)
Image Credit: Boulder Locavore

If you are looking for a fast dinner option that is loaded with flavor, check out this Cuban beef stew. It cooks in the Instant Pot for a fuss-free family-style meal.

Get This Recipe: Cuban Beef Stew

20. Turkey Biscuit Stew

turkey biscuit stew
Image Credit: Princess Pinky Girl

This stew is a lot like a pot pie! It has an easy biscuit topping that compliments the creamy filling so well.

Get This Recipe: Turkey Biscuit Stew

21. Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Stew

slow cooker with garlic parmesan chicken stew in it and a metal ladle
Image Credit: The Recipe Rebel

Make chicken stew anything but boring with this creamy garlic parmesan stew recipe. It is so hearty, offers cozy comfort, sticks to the ribs, and reheats well for leftovers.

Get This Recipe: Creamy Garlic Parmesan Chicken Stew

22. Rabbit Stew

Rabbit Stew with Polenta
Image Credit: Chef’s Pencil

Don’t overlook rabbit as an option for stew. This recipe has a wonderful tomato sauce that brings out the flavor of rabbit meat so well.

Get This Recipe: Rabbit Stew

23. Sausage Stew

Hearty Stew with Broccoli, Sausage, and barley
Image Credit: Emkay’s Kitchen

Sausage, broccoli, and barley are a yummy medley of ingredients for this stew. It is savory, satisfying, and, best of all, easy to whip up on a weeknight.

Get This Recipe: Sausage Stew

24. Sun Dried Tomato Lentil Stew

Sun dried tomato lentil stew recipe
Image Credit: The Feast Local

If you need a meatless meal, make this lentil stew with sun-dried tomatoes. It is so flavorful and filling that it might become a regular on your meal plan rotation. 

Get This Recipe: Sun Dried Tomato Lentil Stew

25. African Beef Stew

Finished African beef stew in a bowl with a wooden spoon.
Image Credit: Season and Thyme

Make this delicious beef stew in your pressure cooker to deliver bold African flavors in record time. This is so hearty and delicious that you won’t resist grabbing another helping.

Get This Recipe: African Beef Stew

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