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Eggshells, often dismissed as kitchen waste, are gardening gold. Rich in calcium carbonate, a mineral that’s essential for plant health, eggshells offer a sustainable and cost-effective way to enrich your garden.

Eggshells can play a key role in creating a vibrant, sustainable garden. From boosting plant growth to supporting wildlife and improving soil health, they can also boost plant growth. So, the next time you crack an egg, think twice before discarding the shell.

Here are 11 exciting ways to use it around the garden.

In the Compost

composting food scraps and eggshells
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Adding eggshells to your compost pile is a simple way to increase the calcium content of your garden soil. This is crucial because calcium is key to strong plant cell walls. Crushed eggshells mix seamlessly into compost, eventually enriching the soil with nutrients that support healthy plant growth.

Planting with Eggshells

placing crushed eggshells into a hole for tomato plant
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When planting seedlings like tomatoes or eggplants, placing crushed eggshells in the planting hole can provide a significant growth boost. This practice not only supplies essential nutrients but also promotes healthy root development, ensuring a smooth transition for the plant from pot to garden.

Side Dressing

Hand feeding crushed eggs shells onto plants as natural garden organic fertilizer at home
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Sprinkling crushed eggshells around your plants serves to increase soil calcium levels. Apply a layer of eggshells under the drip line of tomato plants to encourage fruit set.

Eggshell Tea

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Eggshell tea is an excellent way to deliver nutrients directly to plants’ root zones. Soak crushed eggshells in hot water, let the mixture cool, and use it to water your plants. This nutrient-rich tea is especially beneficial for vegetable gardens, providing a weekly dose of essential minerals.

Starting Seedlings

Plantings seeds in eggshells and labeling them with small plant tags.
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Kickstart your seedlings in eggshells for an eco-friendly beginning. Half an eggshell filled with soil provides the perfect biodegradable pot for starting seeds. Once the seedlings are ready, plant eggshells directly into your garden. The eggshell will eventually decompose, enriching the soil with calcium.


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Crushed eggshells can be a valuable component of garden mulch, helping to retain moisture and improve soil structure. Mixing eggshells with organic mulch materials like leaf litter enhances the soil’s air and water movement, promoting a healthier garden.

For the Birds

bird feeder
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Birds, particularly during nesting season, benefit from the calcium in eggshells. Clean and crush eggshells before adding them to bird feeders. This simple act supports bird health and, by extension, aids in pest control and pollination in your garden.

Chicken Feed

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Feeding crushed eggshells back to chickens is a form of nutrient recycling. It gives them a critical calcium boost, ensuring stronger eggshells in their future layings.

Balance Soil pH

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Eggshells can help balance soil pH and aerate the ground. Their alkaline nature neutralizes acidic soil, benefiting plants that prefer neutral to slightly alkaline conditions. Additionally, their coarse texture enhances soil aeration, which is crucial for root health.

Pest Deterrence

A small brown slug eats the leaves of the plant. Pests eat radish leaves. slug invasion in spring.
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A ring of crushed eggshells around plants can physically deter soft-bodied pests like slugs and snails. This method provides a safe and natural way to protect your plants without harsh chemicals.

Supporting Earthworms

Big beautiful earthworm in the black soil, close-up
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Eggshells benefit plants and earthworms, which are essential for healthy soil. The calcium in eggshells aids earthworm reproduction and growth, further enhancing soil structure and nutrient availability.

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