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The secret to having a thriving garden might just be tucked away in your pantry. Instead of spending on costly fertilizers or pesticides, you can turn to some common pantry staples that are surprisingly effective in supporting your garden’s growth.

Here are 12 ingredients you should consider.

Coffee Grounds

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Mixing used Coffee Grounds into your soil is a great way to add nitrogen. Coffee Grounds decompose gradually and create space for aeration in the garden. This is especially great if you drink coffee regularly. This is a great way to repurpose used coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds are especially good for acid-loving plants like roses and azaleas, providing essential nutrients.


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With its high acetic acid content, vinegar is effective at drying out weeds. Apply it directly or diluted with salt or dish soap to target weeds without harming your plants.

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Banana Peels

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Banana peels can be used as mulch or steeped in water to make banana peel tea. They are also an excellent fertilizer that releases nutrients into the soil.

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Salt serves multiple purposes in the garden. It can effectively kill weeds, alleviate a bee sting, and work effectively in controlling poison ivy.

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Eggshells, often dismissed as kitchen waste, are gardening gold. Rich in calcium carbonate, an essential mineral for plant health, eggshells offer a sustainable and cost-effective way to enrich your garden.

Eggshells prevent plant calcium deficiency and serve as biodegradable pots for seedlings.

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Baking Soda

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Sprinkling baking soda on soil can encourage blooms in alkaline-loving plants and prevent fungal growth, as it has alkaline properties.

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Club Soda

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Unflavored, flat club soda nourishes plants with essential nutrients, promoting greener leaves and stronger roots.

Dish Soap

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Aphids are a common garden pest that cluster on the undersides of leaves and flower buds. Mix a tablespoon of gentle dish soap into a 32-ounce spray bottle filled with water to combat aphids. Spray your plants with this solution.

Olive Oil

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Apply olive oil to your garden tools. This helps repel dirt and prevent rust, making cleaning easier after use.

Corn Gluten Meal as a Weed Suppressant

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Cornmeal can prevent weed seeds from germinating by dehydrating them. Sprinkle on garden beds to suppress new weed growth.

Cayenne Pepper

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Squirrels are sometimes known for causing havoc in a garden. They often dig up plants such as tulips, causing damage. To deter them, sprinkle cayenne pepper around your bulb plants.


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Slugs are attracted to beer. To protect your garden, fill containers with inexpensive beer and place them near plants that are vulnerable to slugs. The slugs will crawl into these containers and drown.

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