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Instead of constantly buying fresh herbs from the store or waiting for seeds to sprout, you can easily grow your favorite herbs at home using only water.

Many herbs thrive when grown in water. Simply take cuttings from existing plants and place them in water to encourage root growth. These cuttings essentially transform into new plants identical to their parent ones.

With just a small cutting, you can establish a flourishing herb garden, ideal for enhancing your cooking and adding a touch of green to your space. Plus, these herbs can continue to grow for months with only water, providing a convenient and sustainable source of fresh herbs.

Here’s a list of 12 herb plants you can start growing today in just water.

1. Mint

Green mint growing in garden
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With its refreshing flavor, Mint is a delightful addition to teas and beverages and enhances the taste of salads and various dishes. This plant will thrive growing in water.

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2. Parsley

Green fresh parsley on the wooden table
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Parsley is a beginner-friendly plant that is more forgiving than other herbs and can grow easily in water. Just place it in a jar under the windowsill and watch it blossom.

3. Basil

A gardener's gloved hand planting Basil with a small trowel in a herb garden with rich composted soil
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Few herbs are as easily recognized or smell as heavenly as basil plants, so they are popular in home gardens for fresh dish preparations. It can easily propagate in water but needs full sun to partial shade to flourish.

How to Dry Basil – 5 Methods

4. Rosemary

green rosemary plants in flowerpots
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You can easily propagate rosemary from fresh batches bought at the grocery store. Cutting can root in water very well. This herb will need full sun with maximum daylight exposure.

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5. Dill

dill growing on the vegetable bed
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Dill is one of the most popular herbs because it is flavorful and easy to propagate for beginning gardeners and homesteaders. The ideal rooting method is water.

6. Oregano

oregano on a white plant pot
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Oregano is quite popular among lovers of Italian cuisine and can easily be propagated for your gardens.

7. Lavender

a garden bed of lavender
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Lavender serves so many purposes from adding flavor to your favorite dishes to making tea and herbal baths. If nothing else, incorporate this one just for its beautiful scent.

Homemade Lavender Lemonade

8. Sage

fresh sage
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Culinary sage is a great herb to keep on hand when you want unique, surprising, and tantalizing flavor for your homemade dishes. This herb can be easily propagated from cuttings. It will root well in water.

9. Lemon Balm

Bowl with fresh lemon balm on wooden background
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This versatile herb is perfect for brewing hot and cold teas. Not only does it offer a soothing remedy for stomach discomforts such as bloating and indigestion, but it also has a calming effect on the mind.

10. Thyme

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Thyme is known to add incredible flavor to many dishes from stews, meats and soups. Thyme makes an excellent plant for growing in water from its cutting but does require full sun.

11. Tarragon

Fresh tarragon in a herb garden
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Tarragon is known for its earthy flavor and aroma, which people love, and it adds a whole new level of flavor to your dishes, especially when fresh from the garden.

12. Stevia

stevia plant
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Stevia is a sweet herb that serves as a sugar substitute. You can enhance freshly brewed teas and various dishes with this herb. This herb thrives in water, especially in warm areas with plenty of sunlight.

Why Propagate Herbs From Cuttings

Propagating edible herbs is an easy step-by-step process. Here’s a guide on propagating herbs from it’s cutting in water.

  1. Select and prepare the cutting
  2. Place in water
  3. Fill a glass or jar with water.
  4. Submerge the cut end of the cutting in the water, ensuring at least one leaf node is below the water surface.

Tips When Growing Herbs in Water

  • Change water regularly: Change the water every few days to keep it fresh and prevent the growth of algae or bacteria.
  • Provide indirect light: Place the glass or jar in a location with bright, indirect light.
  • Wait for roots: Roots should start appearing in one to two weeks for most herbs.
  • Transplanting: Once the roots are a few inches long, transplant the cutting into soil.

How to Start a Herb Garden from Scratch

green rosemary plants in flowerpots
Image credit: Deposit photos

Growing something as simple as our own herbs is a huge step towards sustainability. You can begin the process in a small space in the kitchen or backyard with some of your favorite herbs. Here are some simple but practical steps to get you started on your own herb garden.

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