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There’s a unique satisfaction in planting something, nurturing it, and then eating what you’ve grown.

Container gardening brings this joy right to your doorstep. You don’t need a lot of space – just enough for some pots and containers and a bit of care for your plants.

Whether gardening in a small backyard, on a balcony, on a patio, or in a city space, here are 16 plants that do well in containers.


photo of beautiful tomatoes on the table, healthy diet, autumn harvest, tomatoes of different shapes and colors
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This is one of the easiest crops to grow in a home garden, tomatoes are also perfect for containers as the root systems are not overly extensive and they thrive with minimal care needed.

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Many varieties of lettuce can be grown in a homestead container garden. It’s an excellent way to keep fresh lettuce on hand for your salads.

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strawberries in a bowl
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With a more compact growing habit and a good ratio of plant space to crop yield, strawberries work quite well in containers and are a good way to get fruit into your garden space.

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peppers in containers
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Pretty much any variety of pepper, from jalapenos to bells to chillis, can be grown in containers, making a wonderful staple crop. 


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Blueberries grow very well in containers. Great way to get fresh blueberries. Use it to make your favorite homemade blueberry preserves or as a topping on your pancakes.


onions in a container
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So long as the container is deep enough to allow the bulb to grow properly, onions can easily be grown in containers with minimal care.

Beans and Peas

pole beans growing in pot
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You have plenty of options with beans and peas, such as green beans, black-eyed peas, and other crops that grow well in containers with a trellis or growing posts in place.


eggplant in container
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Eggplants can thrive in a large container that supports the root system and provides enough room for the plant to grow freely.

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Small in size but packed with plenty of flavor, dill is a common herb in homestead gardens. It thrives in containers and does well outdoors in a variety of environments.


Fresh green basil on black wooden table, flat lay
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A staple of kitchens everywhere, when you want to have fresh basil for your cooking adventures, there is no better place to get it than from your container garden spot.


Bunches of different herbs on wooden background
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While it is often grown in the garden among other plants, parsley can also thrive in smaller containers, making it a great addition to your gardening layout. 


oregano on a white plant pot
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One of the big appeals of oregano is that it can easily be grown in a container, and it also offers a wonderful aroma that makes any outdoor space all the more inviting. 


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With big flavor and small packaging, garlic plants do not take up a lot of space and offer a good crop yield for the space they take up, which is why they are so popular in container gardens. Having garlic readily available, you can turn it into garlic powder, roast it, or use it as an ingredient in your mashed potatoes


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Grown as a flowering plant and a cooking herb, rosemary is another herb well-suited for growing in containers and can be placed in small containers among your other crops.

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Fresh lemongrass (citronella) on wooden background - Spice for health.
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Full of flavor and tantalizing aroma, lemongrass can easily be potted up and grown in any outdoor space, making it another popular herb for homestead container gardening


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A common addition to many recipes, you can’t go wrong with a container of cilantro in your garden space, as it will keep the flavorful herb available all season long.

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green rosemary plants in flowerpots
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coffee grounds
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If you’ve been in the habit of simply disposing of your coffee grounds each morning, you should rethink your approach. Coffee grounds offer an eco-friendly alternative for enhancing your plant’s soil quality and promoting growth. Coffee grounds have nutrients that plants like, so they can improve your soil and act as a natural fertilizer. Here’s how.

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