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Drying herbs is a simple way to preserve the flavor for homemade dishes all year round. When handled with care, dried herbs maintain their nutritional value, offering a convenient and long-lasting source of flavor enhancement and health benefits for your meals.

With several methods available to dry herbs, we’ll explore a few efficient ways to dry your fresh herbs for an endless supply of fresh homemade spices.

Hang Dry

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One of the most time-honored techniques for drying herbs is hanging them. Gather your herbs into bundles, secure the stems with an elastic band, twine, or twist tie, and suspend them to dry.

Depending on the herb variety, the duration typically ranges from one to three weeks. Herbs like thyme, rosemary, and mint can all be air-dried.

How to Dry Rosemary – 4 Easy Methods

A Dehydrator

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A dehydrator offers a swift solution for drying herbs by employing dry heat at a low temperature. There are two main types to consider: electric dehydrators and solar dehydrators.

When using a dehydrator, remove large herb leaves such as parsley or basil from their stems and arrange them in a single layer. For herbs like thyme, tarragon, or oregano, leaving them on the stem until later is also an option.

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In the Oven

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If a dehydrator isn’t in your toolkit and you’re eager to dry herbs without the waiting game of air drying, your oven can be a reliable alternative. However, it requires careful monitoring to prevent overdrying.

In the Microwave

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This is the quickest way to dry fresh herbs. All that’s needed is to place the herbs between two paper towels on a microwave-safe plate and microwave for 1-2 minutes. When using this method, you will need to use the microwave in short bursts to ensure the herb doesn’t dry out.

In an Air Fryer

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Just like the dehydrator, you can set your air fryer at a low temperature to help dry the herb leaves gently without burning them. This process can take less than an hour to complete.

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How to Store Dry Herbs

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To maintain the freshness of dried herbs, store them in airtight containers. Consider refilling store-bought herb jars or invest in your own jars for a personalized herb display.

Remember, exposure to sunlight can compromise their quality, so opt for a dark corner of the kitchen or store them in a cabinet or drawer to preserve their flavor and potency.

How to Dry Basil Leaves for Tea

Herbal tea

All methods, including oven, dehydrator, and air fryer, can dry fresh tea herbs. Once dried, add your dried herbs to your favorite mug or kettle and steep them in hot water.

How to Dry Fresh Thyme

potted thyme plants with green leaves
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Here’s a quick guide on drying fresh thyme for an endless supply of fresh herbs.

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How to Dry Basil

Fresh green basil on black wooden table, flat lay
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Basil is a great herb for your garden. Drying basil preserves it for later use and gives it a different flavor. Here’s how you can dry basil effectively.

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How to Start a Herb Garden from Scratch

green rosemary plants in flowerpots
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Growing something as simple as our own herbs is a huge step towards sustainability. You can begin the process in a small space in the kitchen or backyard with some of your favorite herbs. Here are some simple but practical steps to get you started on your own herb garden.

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21 Herbal Tea Recipes to Boost Your Mornings

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Here are 21 herbal tea recipes that will take your morning to the next level.

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