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We’ve all been there – you clean the mirror, and what’s left behind is a bunch of streaks. Or you purchase commercial glass cleaners only to realize how toxic they can be, and you are simply seeking a nontoxic natural solution.

With just a few readily available supplies, you can create your own glass cleaner that tackles dirt and grime and leaves your windows and mirrors sparkling clean.

Follow these easy instructions to make your own glass cleaner.

diy glass cleaner


glass cleaner ingredients

Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe

Step 1

Measure ½ cup of distilled Vinegar and pour it into the spray bottle.

glass cleaner pouring cup

Step 2

Add ½ cup of Rubbing Alcohol to the spray bottle.

glass cleaner pouring cup

Step 3

Fill the rest of the bottle with water

Step 4

Attach the sprayer to the bottle and shake the contents to mix. Give it a couple of shakes before each use.

glass cleaner

Optional Step 5 – Label the bottle

While this step is optional, it’s important to label the bottle so it is not mistaken for other products. Store it away from kids and pets.

Enjoy a streak-free, crystal-clear glass with this simple DIY glass cleaner.

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glass cleaner
glass cleaner

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