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It’s that time of year again: gnat season. These tiny pests buzz into our homes, annoyingly hovering around us without a care. They pop up unexpectedly, turning peaceful moments into frustrating ones as they fly around our faces.

While gnats are mostly harmless, they’re definitely a nuisance we’d all rather avoid. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent them from invading your space in the first place.

Here are ten practical ways to keep your home free from gnats.

1. Empty Your Trash Regularly

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Regularly clean your trash bins and remove garbage from your home to deter gnats. Gnats are attracted to the moisture and odors in trash cans, so regular disposal can significantly reduce their numbers.

2. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

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Maintain a clean garbage disposal. Routine cleaning discourages gnats by eliminating potential breeding sites and food sources within the disposal unit.

Here’s a guide on How to Make DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaner Tabs.

3. Store Produce in the Refrigerator

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Storing ripe fruits and vegetables in the fridge minimizes gnats. While refrigeration might affect the taste and texture of some produce, it’s a trade-off for keeping gnats away.

4. Dispose of Food Waste Promptly

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Quickly throw away any rotten or overripe produce. Gnats breed rapidly around decaying fruits and vegetables, becoming a significant problem if not managed.

5. Clean Up Spills and Messes

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Immediately clean up spills on kitchen countertops and floors and keep food in sealed containers to help prevent a gnat infestation. Paying attention to cleanliness will remove food sources that attract gnats.

6. Avoid Overwatering Plants

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Gnats flock to moist environments, such as overwatered houseplants. Ensure plant pots have proper drainage to prevent excess water, which attracts gnats.

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7. Repair Leaks

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It’s important to reduce moisture in your home by fixing leaky pipes and managing condensation around windows. Gnats are drawn to humid areas, so controlling indoor moisture levels can help keep them away.

8. Wash Dishes Promptly

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Make sure to wash any dirty dishes soon after use. Gnats are attracted to food residues on unwashed dishes.

9. Use Screens

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Installing screens on windows and doors is an effective way to keep gnats outside, preventing them from entering your home.

10. Regularly Clean Surfaces

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Wiping countertops and other surfaces frequently and sweeping and mopping floors will help eliminate food particles and spills that attract gnats. Just be sure to pay extra attention to kitchen corners and areas under appliances.

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