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Enrich your garden by adding a trellis to utilize vertical space. A trellis offers practical support for tall-growing plants and contributes charm and beauty. A well-designed trellis can serve as a striking focal point in your garden, complementing the space’s functionality and aesthetics.

Whether it frames climbing flowers like roses and begonias or supports vegetable plants like tomatoes, a trellis adds a captivating architectural element to your outdoor space.

This list of 9 beautiful trellis ideas covers a range of styles, from simple chicken wire or string designs to more complex wooden structures tailored to your specific needs.

1. Indoor Potted Plant Trellis

Indoor Potted Plant Trellis
Image Credit: Charleston Crafted

Creating a DIY trellis for indoor plants is a simple project that requires just a few materials. By cutting these supplies to your desired size, you can easily customize the trellis to complement the space and style of any room. This flexibility allows you to add a personal touch, perfectly tailored to your space.

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2. Simple Wire Trellis

Wire Trellis
Image Credit: Charleston Crafted

Using fence pickets and chicken wire, you can make your own DIY garden trellis for your outdoor garden. Let the trellis rest against something or use extra pieces of wood to secure it and allow it to stand up straight.

See the Project: Simple Wire Trellis

3. Lattice Trellis

Colorful Fence with flowers
Image Credit: The Boondocks Blog

Another great idea for a DIY garden trellis would be this lattice trellis. You can use it in your garden with flowers, fruits, and veggies. 

See the Project: Lattice Trellis

4. Tomato Plant Trellis

Trellis for Tomato Plants
Image Credit: Learning and Yearning

If you’re looking for a way to grow tomatoes efficiently and get a bigger yield, here is a large tomato plant trellis idea. This one runs between two 20-foot-long raised beds.

See the Project: Tomato Plant Trellis

5. DIY Pole Bean Trellis Towers

Pole Bean Trellis Towers
Image Credit: Fluxing Well

Here’s an easy and super-simple trellis idea made with wood pieces that will work great for your green beans. You only need a few supplies, and you can easily take these towers apart to store them away.

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6. Squash Trellis Idea

Butternut squash on a trellis
Image Credit: Ask the Food Geek

Squash can often be challenging to grow because it grows on a vine and can get heavy. Here is an example of a squash trellis you can make for the backyard.

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7. Bamboo Stake Trellis

Garden Trellis
Image Credit: Kitchen Counter Chronicle

Using bamboo stakes and some twine, you can easily make your own garden trellis. It’s a two-sided trellis that you can use to grow cucumbers or tomatoes.

See the Project: Bamboo Stake Trellis

8. Trellis on a Raised Garden Bed

raised garden bed with trellis
Image Credit: Charleston Crafted

If you’re looking to build a trellis for your garden and you need some raised garden beds too, this all-in-one project is perfect. The trellis is built into a DIY raised garden bed.

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9. Simple Wooden Wire Trellis

Wooden wire trellis
Image Credit: Charleston Crafted

Made with a wooden rectangular frame, this wooden wire trellis is simple and functional. To make the area where the plants or vines can grow upward, all you need are a few pieces of wire attached to the wooden frame.

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