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From tacos to empanadas and enchiladas, we’ve rounded up some of the best Cinco de Mayo recipes you can easily make at home.

Whether you’re having a cozy celebration or hosting a large crowd, this list has something for everyone.

With everything you need to mark the occasion right here, simply choose your favorites, and let’s start cooking!

1. Elote (Mexican Street Corn)

mexican elote recipe street corn
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

This Mexican street corn dish combines the sweetness of corn with the tanginess of lime, the creaminess of mayo, and the kick of chili powder. Topped with Cotija cheese and cilantro, it’s a messy but irresistible treat. Perfect for a Cinco de Mayo gathering or as a summertime side dish.

Get the Recipe: Mexican Street Corn (Elote Recipe)

2. Homemade Guacamole

cut avocado guacamole
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

This family favorite uses fresh avocado and can be created in under 10 minutes. Get ready to have this tasty dip ready to go in no time.

Get the Recipe: Homemade Guacamole Recipe

3. Taco Empanadas

Taco Empanadas
Image credit: Amanda’s Cookin’

These Taco Empanadas are super easy to make and kid-friendly, making them the perfect way to use up leftover taco meat. Their simplicity often leads them to become a big hit, especially for quick dinners or snacks.

Get the recipe here: Taco Empanadas

4. Fiesta Pinwheels

Fiesta Pinwheels
Image credit: The Country Cook

These Fiesta Pinwheels are delightful and easy to make, featuring cream cheese, salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheese rolled in flour tortillas. They make a fantastic party snack or appetizer that’s loved by all.

Get the recipe here: Fiesta Pinwheels

5. Cheesy Refried Bean Dip

Cheesy Refried Bean Dip
Image credit: Mae’s Menu

This refried bean dip with cream cheese is creamy, cheesy, and incredibly easy to make. It’s the perfect dip for any gathering, offering a rich and satisfying flavor that’s sure to be a hit.

Get the recipe here: Cheesy Refried Bean Dip

6. Zesty 5-Layer Bean Dip

Zesty 5-Layer Bean Dip
Image credit: Mae’s Menu

Layer up the flavors with this zesty 5-layer bean dip, spiced with taco seasonings and packed with cheese. It’s a crowd-pleaser at cocktail parties, get-togethers, and on game day, offering a delicious mix of textures and tastes.

Get the recipe here: Zesty 5-Layer Bean Dip

7. Hot Chorizo Dip

Hot Chorizo Dip
Image credit: Life’s Ambrosia

This Chorizo Dip is a must-have for any party, loaded with spicy chorizo, refried beans, and cheese. Serve it hot with your favorite chips for a warm, inviting dip that’s full of robust flavors.

Get the recipe here: Hot Chorizo Dip

8. Loaded Avocado Dip

Loaded Avocado Dip
Image credit: The Salty Marshmallow

Loaded Avocado Dip is a quick, flavor-packed appetizer perfect for game day or any party. Combining avocado, cream cheese, spices, bacon, and cheese, this creamy dip is both delicious and satisfying.

Get the recipe here: Loaded Avocado Dip

9. Pico de Gallo

Quick 5-Ingredient Pico de Gallo
Image credit: Little Spice Jar

Learn how to whip up this simple 5-ingredient Pico de Gallo in no time. Using basic fresh ingredients, this Pico de Gallo is versatile and can be served with tacos, fajitas, or simply with chips for a refreshing snack.

Get the recipe here: Quick 5-Ingredient Pico de Gallo

10. Queso Fresco

How to Make Queso Fresco
Image credit: Goodie Godmother

Impress your friends by making your own Queso Fresco. This simple cheese-making recipe allows you to create fresh, homemade cheese that’s perfect for various dishes or to enjoy on its own. It’s a fun and impressive skill to add to your culinary repertoire. Recipe Here

Get the recipe here: How to Make Queso Fresco

11. Jalapeño Pineapple Salsa

Jalapeño Pineapple Salsa
Image credit: Unique Cooks

This Jalapeño Pineapple Salsa combines sweet and spicy flavors for a unique and exciting appetizer. It’s quick to prepare and perfect for serving at your next party, sure to be a crowd-pleaser with its vibrant taste and texture.

Get the recipe here: Jalapeño Pineapple Salsa

12. Taco Casserole

Chips and toppings added to taco casserole
Image credit: Cincy Shopper

Spice up your Cinco de Mayo dinner with this easy-to-make Taco Casserole. Combining the beloved flavors of tacos in a comforting casserole form, this dish is simple, filling, and guaranteed to please.

Get the recipe here: Taco Casserole

13. Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos

Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos
Image credit: Rainbow Plant Life

These Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos are an extravagant plant-based treat, layered with vegan queso, taco meat, refried beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, vegan sour cream, and pickled onions. They’re perfect for indulging in a guilt-free, flavor-packed meal.

Get the recipe here: Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos

14. Air Fryer Nachos

Air Fryer Nachos Summer Yule
Image credit: Summer Yule

Quick and delicious, these Air Fryer Nachos are a fantastic appetizer option for Cinco de Mayo or any festive occasion. Made in the air fryer, they come together in just 5 minutes, offering a speedy yet satisfying snack.

Get the recipe here: Air Fryer Nachos

15. Mexican Churro Chips

Mexican Churro Chips
Image credit: Simply Scrumptious Eats

Elevate your snack game with these Mexican Churro Chips, made with a secret ingredient that enhances their flavor to the next level. These chips are perfectly crisp, offering the delightful taste of classic churros in a convenient, bite-sized form.

Get the recipe here: Mexican Churro Chips

16. Mexican Street Corn Salsa

Mexican Street Corn Salsa
Image credit: Bitz & Giggles

Enjoy this homemade Mexican Street Corn Salsa, filled with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor. It’s an excellent choice for an appetizer or snack during family gatherings or entertaining friends.

Get the recipe here: Mexican Street Corn Salsa

17. Fast and Easy Shrimp Ceviche

Fast and Easy Shrimp Ceviche
Image credit: The Foodolic

Enjoy a light and refreshing appetizer with this quick Shrimp Ceviche, ideal for any occasion. This version includes fresh dill, tomatoes, avocado, and red onions, making it a vibrant and flavorful dish.

Get the recipe here: Fast and Easy Shrimp Ceviche

18. Pineapple Mango Salsa (Whole Foods Copycat)

Pineapple Mango Salsa (Whole Foods Copycat)
Image credit: The Clean Eating Couple

This Pineapple Mango Salsa is an easy-to-make, fresh salsa recipe that’s perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any festive occasion. Inspired by Whole Foods, it’s a delicious addition to any party menu.

Get the recipe here: Pineapple Mango Salsa (Whole Foods Copycat)

19. Strawberry Salsa

Strawberry Salsa
Image credit: Cincy Shopper

This Strawberry Salsa brings a fresh, fruity twist to the traditional salsa. With adjustable heat levels, this simple homemade recipe pairs wonderfully with chips or as a topping for grilled meats, offering a sweet and spicy flavor profile.

Get the recipe here: Strawberry Salsa

20. Fresh Snapper and Halibut Ceviche

Fresh Snapper and Halibut Ceviche
Image credit: The Forked Spoon

This exquisite Ceviche Recipe features “cooked” cubes of fresh snapper and halibut marinated in lime juice, combined with shallots, chili peppers, bell pepper, and fresh cilantro. It’s a perfect summer appetizer or light dinner, ideally served with chips, fresh tortillas, avocado, or plantain chips.

Get the recipe here: Fresh Snapper and Halibut Ceviche

21. Shrimp Ceviche

Shrimp Ceviche
Image credit: Healthy Recipes 101

This Shrimp Ceviche is fresh, tasty, and bound to become a family favorite. It requires only a quick poaching and includes a variety of veggies, making it a refreshing choice for any gathering.

Get the recipe here: Shrimp Ceviche

22. Air Fryer Tortilla Chips

Air Fryer Tortilla Chips
Image credit: A Grateful Meal

Create crispy and flavorful tortilla chips in just a few minutes with your air fryer. These homemade Air Fryer Tortilla Chips are the perfect starter for any occasion, ready to be paired with your favorite dips.

Get the recipe here: Air Fryer Tortilla Chips

23. Grilled Margarita Wings

Grilled Margarita Wings
Image credit: A Grateful Meal

These grilled Margarita wings marinate in a tangy tequila-lime mixture that infuses them with flavors reminiscent of the classic cocktail. A touch of salt completes the experience, making these wings a must-try for your next BBQ or gathering.

Get the recipe here: Grilled Margarita Wings

24. Black Bean Hummus

Black Bean Hummus
Image credit: Two Healthy Kitchens

This Black Bean Hummus is incredibly easy to make and delicious, featuring just a few ingredients. Blend everything in your food processor for a unique Mexican bean dip that’s perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any festive occasion.

Get the recipe here: Black Bean Hummus

25. Corn Salsa

EASY Corn Salsa
Image credit: Two Healthy Kitchens

This versatile Corn Salsa can be made with fresh or grilled corn, adapting to what you have available. If any remains after appetizer hour, it also serves well as a vibrant side salad.

Get the recipe here: EASY Corn Salsa

26. Drunken Serrano Salsa (Salsa Borracha)

Drunken Serrano Salsa (Salsa Borracha)
Image credit: The Seaside Calls

For those who love bold Mexican flavors, this Drunken Serrano Salsa (Salsa Borracha) is a must-try. This spicy, alcohol-infused salsa is loaded with fresh vegetables and pairs well with a variety of dishes.

Get the recipe here: Drunken Serrano Salsa (Salsa Borracha)

27. Mexican Street Corn Salad

Mexican Street Corn Salad
Image credit: Olivia’s Kitchen

Inspired by the popular Mexican street food Elotes, this off-the-cob salad version features roasted corn mixed with fresh vegetables and herbs, creamy mayonnaise, and Mexican-style spices. It’s easy to prepare and perfect as a side dish or for meal prep.

Get the recipe here: Mexican Street Corn Salad

28. Mango Pico de Gallo

Mango Pico de Gallo
Image credit: Olivia’s Kitchen

Prepare this chunky, zesty Mango Pico de Gallo with just a few simple ingredients and 10 minutes of your time. This salsa is best enjoyed with corn tortilla chips or as a topping for tacos, bringing a fresh and flavorful kick to your meals.

Get the recipe here: Mango Pico de Gallo

29. Gluten-Free Salsa Pinwheels

Gluten-Free Salsa Pinwheels
Image credit: Olivia’s Kitchen

These quick and easy gluten-free Salsa Pinwheels are perfect as an appetizer or snack. Also known as tortilla roll-ups, enjoy these creamy snacks cold from the fridge or baked and dipped in salsa. They’re sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Get the recipe here: Gluten-Free Salsa Pinwheels

30. Taco Balls

Taco Balls
Image credit: Midwexican

Taco Balls offer a Tex-Mex twist on traditional sausage balls, using ground beef and taco seasoning. They provide a flavorful and easy-to-make option for any gathering.

Get the recipe here: Taco Balls

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