Are you a homesteader, gardener, or do-it-yourselfer with something to share? We would love to hear from you with a proposal for a how-to or informational article.

Homestead How-To focuses on informative articles that help homesteaders and others interested in similar topics learn something new.  

If you are wondering if your idea might be appropriate, just contact us with the contact form below, and we’ll be happy to give you feedback or work through an idea.

Our “categories” tab is a great place to start to see the areas of homesteading that we currently highlight.  That is not to say that we could not do more, but we encourage you to consider these categories when proposing an article unless you have something that doesn’t quite fit and is, quite frankly, too awesome to pass up!

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How do you submit an article?

Please do not submit a full article until a PROPOSAL is accepted. To submit a proposal, please email us at [email protected].

Technical Guidelines:

  • The article must be a minimum of 850 words 
  • Please use high-caliber references to support any research-backed claims (include a hyperlink to your source within the text);
  • We encourage you to use sub-headers for sections of the article when appropriate;
  • Please do not submit stock images. Unless you are submitting a step-by-step tutorial and you own the images, we will source our own.
  • You will also be asked to include a short author bio upon acceptance.

Please note that Homestead How-To does not offer compensation for articles submitted and published on our site.  We hope you will use our site as a forum for information exchange, contributing your ideas in appreciation of others who contribute theirs. 

What can you include in an article?

As a community-building site, we WANT you to include links to your blog and social media profiles so that other homesteaders can connect with you or read more of your work if they like your voice.  You can include these links within the text of your article, and we’ll also invite you to submit a short bio with links to your sites and social profiles.  These will be placed at the bottom of your article so folks can see from whom they are learning.

Personal experiences and perspectives are also welcome in your article; in fact, we encourage you to base your writing on your own experiences.  We only ask that you ensure that other reputable sources back up the “knowledge” you are presenting and isn’t only based on one experience.

What can you not include in an article?

We do not allow guest contributors to include affiliate links or advertisements in their posts. You MAY include links to articles on your own blog that contain affiliate links if they are appropriate to the content and not the full intent of your article (i.e. the article you submit should stand on its own without viewers having to click through to your site to get the information).  Please get in touch with us if you have a question about this policy.  

We also do not allow any language in posts that is critical or insulting to certain individuals or groups; please be respectful in your language and how you discuss others.

Can I submit something previously published?

We will not accept articles previously published on your blog or elsewhere online; this does not meet our goal of providing original content.  Likewise, we do not allow authors to re-publish articles submitted on this site.  However, we encourage you to share your published articles widely on all your social media channels!

Who owns the article once published?

Once your article is submitted to the site and live, ownership and copyrights belong to Homestead How-To.  We do not allow authors to re-post articles on other pages without permission, but we encourage you to link to your article on your social media channels as much as you’d like.

If you would like to write for us, please email a proposal to [email protected]. Your proposal should include:

  • Your Name
  • Your website or blog address (if applicable)
  • Optional: Your social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter)
  • Your email address
  • An article Title or Topic
  • Optional: Short Summary of your proposed article or angle of the article.