How To Prevent Gnats in the House

Homestead How-To

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Empty Your Trash Regularly

Regularly clean your trash bins and remove garbage from your home to deter gnats.

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Store Produce In The Refrigerator

Storing ripe fruits and vegetables in the fridge minimizes gnats.

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Dispose Of Food Waste Promptly

Quickly throw away any rotten or overripe produce.

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Avoid Overwatering Plants

Ensure plant pots have proper drainage to prevent excess water, which attracts gnats.

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Wash Dishes Promptly

Gnats are attracted to food residues on unwashed dishes.

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Regularly Clean Surfaces

Wiping countertops and other surfaces frequently and sweeping and mopping floors will help eliminate food particles and spills that attract gnats.

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Repair Leaks

Gnats are drawn to humid areas, so controlling indoor moisture levels can help keep them away.

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