How To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Tomato Garden

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Coffee Ground Barriers

Spread the grounds around the perimeter of your garden to create a scent barrier that squirrels find unpleasant.

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Companion Planting

Effective squirrel-deterring companions include Nasturtiums, geraniums, mint, marigolds, and garlic.

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Eliminate Food Sources and Shelter

To further deter squirrels from your tomatoes, offer alternative food sources they prefer, such as corn cobs, sunflower seeds, or dried corn ears.

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Dogs and Cats

Dogs actively chase away squirrels, while cats intimidate them with their presence and scent.

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Install Motion Sensor Lights

Install motion sensor spotlights around your garden, targeting the areas near your tomato plants.

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A Sprinkler System

The surprise of being sprayed with water is effective at keeping squirrels from trying to snack on the tomatoes.

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Owl Decoy

Squirrels are naturally afraid of owls, which are natural predators of rodents.

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