Garlic Chives Companion Plants

Homestead How-To


Plant alternating rows of carrots and garlic chives to boost growth and flavor and keep pests such as carrot fly at bay.


If possible, plant garlic chives on the south side of the base of each grapevine to ensure they receive enough sunlight to thrive.


Interplant them in rows or as a border to enhance pest control and improve the health of both herbs.


Plant garlic chives in small clusters among strawberry plants to improve their growth and deter pests.


These two plants are often grown together in containers or herb gardens to maximize their beneficial relationship.


Small green caterpillars that infest cabbages and other brassica crops, are deterred by the strong onion-garlic smell of garlic chives.


Space plants about 12-18 inches apart in rows or clusters around pepper plants for optimal pest control.


Garlic chives can help boost soil health, resulting in healthy spinach plants with vigorous growth

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