7 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens

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New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY

The garden is a hub for special events, art exhibits, and educational programs catering to adults and children.

San Francisco Botanical Garden, California

The garden’s design mimics various global environments, offering visitors a diverse botanical experience.

Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA

An award-winning Children’s Garden, the serene Storza Woods highlighted by a unique Canopy Walk, and the picturesque Skyline Garden.

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

Visitors annually, providing a unique blend of natural beauty and educational opportunities within its scenic desert landscape.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Big Island

Explore lush vegetation alongside streams and waterfalls, making it an ideal spot for education and nature walks.

Chicago Botanical Garden, Illinois

This garden attracts over a million visitors annually and focuses on the conservation of rare plant species.

International Rose Test Garden, Oregon

It’s a paradise for rose enthusiasts and a beautiful spot for summer visits.

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