Fall Writing Contest!

Fall Writing Contest!

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Homestead How-To is pleased to announce our Fall 2019 Writing Contest. This contest invites fellow homesteaders (or those with related talents and knowledge) to submit an article to be published this fall.

The article with the most views between September 15th and December 31st will receive a gift package from our partner site, The Happy Hive, including: beeswax lip balm, a honey almond lotion bar, and a container of beeswax furniture polish!

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For more information about writing for Homestead How-To, click here visit our Contributors’ page!

Follow the directions on our contributors’ page to submit an idea for an article; we’ll let you know if we’re interested in the topic and then invite you to submit your article along with photos.

Topics of Interest this Fall

As you can see from our website, we have seven general topics and you can submit in any of these categories (or something that combines them). This fall, we are particularly interested in articles that help round out our BARN, WORKSHOP, and OFFICE categories. We are also happy to receive more articles for our MAKER SPACE category, especially on projects and crafts related to the holiday season.

Why Write for Homestead How-To?

This site is built on the premise that homesteaders (and would-be homesteaders) benefit from learning with each other. We all have knowledge to share, and we want to give you a platform to share it! This site can become a great resource for all of us if we all contribute a little bit our our knowledge for the common good.

And if those altruistic reasons aren’t enough for you, here are some added bonuses:

  • Put yourself out there: Writing for Homestead How-To introduces you to a wider audience of other homesteaders, publishers, etc. and gets your name out there as a valuable author. We share all articles on all of our social media outlets, and we encourage you to share it on yours as well.
  • Make connections: Because we value creating connections among homesteaders, we publish a profile of you, including social media links, along with your article so that readers can connect with you beyond reading your article on our site;
  • Link back to your own content: Because we know you have more to share than just what you write for us, we invite you – nay ENCOURAGE YOU – to include links to your blog, articles, videos, etc. within your article (though we may limit the number of link-backs);
  • Win a prize: And oh yeah, there is a great homesteading-related prize for the author whose article gets the most views during the time of the contest!!! Yes, submitting early helps, but not all of our winners are the first articles to be published 😉
  • Become a part of our team: Lastly, we love to keep in touch with our authors and invite them to stay engaged with Homestead How-To. If you publish on our site, you become a part of our author “team” and we’ll keep in touch with you as our site grows and new opportunities become available.

No, we can’t pay for articles (yet) but we sure hope the day comes when we’re big enough to do so. For now, we hope the reasons above are enough to entice you to become a part of this project.

So go head, check out our guidelines and submit an idea. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Carrie Williams Howe
Blogger & Homesteader at The Happy Hive
Carrie Williams Howe is an educational leader by day and an aspiring homesteader by night and weekend. She lives on a small homestead in Vermont with her husband, two children, and a rambunctious border collie. She is a Founder and Editor of Homestead How-To and also blogs about her family's homestead life at The Happy Hive.

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