Black Friday Deals for Homesteaders (2020)

Black Friday Deals for Homesteaders (2020)

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This article contains links to Black Friday 2020 deals that we think are worth checking out if you want to be more self-reliant. We’ll update it throughout the weekend with ONLY items that we endorse because we’ve used them (or something similar to them).

VITAMIX Blender (E320) – 30% Off

We love the versatile Vitamix Blender because it is powerful and reliable, without too many techy bells and whistles that could go wrong. We use it for smoothies, nut butters, flour, soup, and tomato sauce.

NESCO Food Dehydrator

We recommend a dehydrator as a great tool for food preservation and making delicious snacks. We use our dehydrator to dry herbs, make garlic powder, and occasionally make fruit snacks or sun-dried tomatoes. You can read about why we like this dehydrator in our article about choosing a dehydrator. The NESCO is a simple dehydrator with simple functions (sense a trend here) that is affordable and easy to use.

Save on Hand-Poured Beeswax Wood Polish, Cutting Board Conditioner,
Leather Conditioner / Shoe Polish, Wax Melts, & Thread Conditioner!!!

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker / Slow Cooker, etc.

We love our instant pot because it allows us to prepare wholesome, inexpensive meals night-after-night. In particular, we use our instant pot to prepare a ton of dried beans and grains that we buy in bulk. We also make broth and stock in the instant pot, as well as yogurt and tomato sauce.

Logosol Smart Splitter Manual Log Splitter

This little tool packs a LOT of punch. Just lift the heavy blade and slam it back down on your log for controlled, easy splitting. We use this to do batches and batches of kindling for our woodstove. We firs discovered it when we tested it at a Mother Earth News fair and we have loved it it for years.

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