Amazon PRIME Deals for Gardening, Homesteading, and Self-Reliance 2022 Edition

Amazon PRIME Deals for Gardening, Homesteading, and Self-Reliance 2022 Edition

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Amazon Prime Days 2022 are July 12-13. Here we’re sharing the best deals for folks interested in gardening, cooking, preserving, and more. These deals will appeal to homesteaders and anyone who wants to live a more rustic, self-reliant life. We ONLY recommend products we know and love, and that we feel allow us to live a more self-reliant life. You can trust we wouldn’t share it unless we find it useful, practical, and reasonably priced!

Please note – the prices you’ll see on the graphics below are prices BEFORE the Prime Sale. Click on the link to get the current sale price (it may even get better at certain times!).

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Here’s what we’re looking at for PRIME Days 2022 (we will update throughout the two-day period):


Amazon Prime Deals for cooking, preserving, and making your own food.

Soda Stream Sparkling Water Makers: we love saving money on seltzer AND avoiding all of those plastic bottles and cans by making our own seltzer at home. We have owned one of these for years and use it to make seltzer, homemade soda, and cocktails on an almost daily basis.

Cast Iron Skillet: While we love our vintage Griswold and Wagner skillets, there is actually an Amazon Skillet that gives big name brands a run for its money and gets great reviews. This skillet is a great size if you are adding to your collection, or if you have never owned cast iron. It’s versatile (stovetop to oven to campsite) and – again – will last for ages and ages with good care. Learn how to season a cast iron pan in this article, then head on over to our sister site, The Happy Hive, to grab a Cast Iron Seasoning Bar while you’re at it!

Nordic Ware Sheet Pans: we use our set of Nordic Ware sheet pans for EVERYTHING from breakfast scones to sheet pan dinners to desserts. These newly created Nordic Ware sheet pans with prism grids make releasing foods even easier and help your foods crisp up with good air circulation. I don’t need new sheet pans, but I’m quite tempted to add these to my collection!

Canning Supplies: There are a number of beginner canning sets on sale, but we think this one has just what you need at the right price point. The canning rack allows you to easily lift and lower your jars into boiling water, the rubber gripped lifting tongs are key for putting jars in the canner, and the funnels are so helpful for getting hot jams and sauces into the jar without making a mess. Other kits have more tools, which are great if you need them, but this one is a nice deal at 20% off and has what you need. Be sure to check out our article on Getting Started with Canning for more tips!

Food Dehydrator: We use our dehydrator to dry fruits, herbs, and even make garlic powder! We use a simple Nesco dehydrator that meets our needs, but PRIME day offers you deals on tools that are just a bit more advanced with additional settings and options, and more trays, like this Hamilton Beach recommended option. Read more about choosing a dehydrator in this article.

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer: when you’re freezing vegetables or portions of meat, you don’t want them to get freezer burn. That’s where a vacuum sealer comes in handy. These tools do two things: they suck the air out of the bag; and they heat seal it (ok, maybe three – they also create their own bags). This means your food will last longer and taste better when you go to use it. We’ve had the Food Saver brand for years and have been very happy with it.

Le Creuset Pans: We are big fans of cast iron in general, and LOVE our Le Creuset collection. It is not cheap, but Le Creuset is in it for the long term. With careful use and proper care you’ll be passing Le Creuset pans on down to your grandchildren and their children. There are a few Le Creuset pieces that are up to 40% off during PRIME Days.


Amazon Prime Deals for gardening, yard work, and other outdoor projects.

Grow your own Mushroom Kit: if you’re curious about growing mushrooms at home, a small starter kit can be a great way to experiment and see if you like it. We got one of these starter kits as a Christmas present and were pretty pleased with the results. Easy to use, reliable growth, and yummy tasting mushrooms. Plus, it can be a fun way to get kids interested in mushrooms 😉

Gardening Gloves: we use bamboo gardening gloves like these almost exclusively. We’ve used various brands depending on what’s available, but these look like a great deal for the price (you get a set of two). What we love about these gloves is that they are flexible enough to do most gardening chores without getting frustrated, plus they have good grip for weeding or holding on to pots and hoses.

Pruning Shears: Fiskar’s pruning shears for 50% off? I’ll take three! They last forever, but boy are we good at misplacing them. This brand is so reliable – they work, they last forever, and they come in handy for so many projects – like ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>pruning tomato plants, which might be on your current to-do list!

Loppers: speaking of Fiskars, we noticed they also have their loppers on sale for about 40% off. These work-horse loppers are essential if you have fruit trees. You’ll need to prune fruit trees regularly to keep they healthy (see our instructions for pruning apple trees), so these are part of your orchard toolkit.

Hori Hori Knife: this traditional, all-purpose knife is an awesome tool to have on hand when you are gardening or doing any sort of yard work. You can cut branches or stems, cut rope and twine, make holes for planting, and much much more. There are a number of these on sale, but we recommend one that comes with a holder so you can keep it handy on your belt.

Tomato Cages: when it comes to tomato cages, we look for heavy duty and TALL. These heavy duty cages are 65″ tall which makes them great for indeterminate tomato varieties (the ones that keep growing taller all summer). They are heavy duty coated steel, so if you store them well between seasons they will last quite a long time. If you haven’t invested in a set like this, now might be a great time (they’re about 45% off). Read more about supporting tomato plants with stakes and cages here.


EGO Electric Chainsaw: we invested in this chainsaw two years ago and have absolutely ZERO regrets. It is the perfect tool for doing small to medium-sized tree projects and perfect for amateur foresters like ourselves. The electric battery eliminates the need for gas, makes it quite lightweight, and allows for about an hour or two of use before it needs recharging (or switching out). My husband loves the way the chainsaw handles, and is impressed with how sharp the blade stays and how easy it is to work with (no more swearing and getting frustrated trying to replace the chain). After our positive experience with the chainsaw, we’re thinking about getting the weed whacker / trimmer as well.

Adjustable Bracket Log Holder: when it comes to holding our firewood, we like something that we can adjust to fit our needs and move around to different spots as needed. We use one of these adjustable bracket log holders on our 3-season porch, with 2×4’s to make it just the length we need. Its affordable, adaptable, and serves our needs and looks nice to boot. Such an easy solution.


Dried Beans: we stock our pantry with dried beans because they last forever, they offer an inexpensive protein source for meals, and they are easy to prepare (or make into things like burgers, chili, or stew). The entire line of Doudlah Farms Organic dried beans is about 20% off for Prime Day, making it a great time to stock up on on high-quality source of readily available protein that stores easily.

Cleaning Supplies from Seventh Generation: While we very much enjoy making our own laundry detergent and dishwashing powder, when we don’t have time we always turn to our local Vermont supplier of all-natural cleaning supplies, Seventh Generation. They have some major Prime Day sales going on with 30% off many of their multi-packs. Many of their products come in highly-efficient forms, meaning less plastic and more bang for your buck, like the ultra-concentrated laundry detergent below.

Beeswax: Not for eating, but great for crafting and DIY Cleaning solutions, beeswax is not often found at a sale price. This package comes as individual bars, which makes them easier to use for smaller projects without having to cut rock hard beeswax. Make furniture polish, ornaments, leather conditioner, candles, and more!

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