20 Ways to be more Self-Reliant in 2020

20 Ways to be more Self-Reliant in 2020

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A new decade is up on us. What will you accomplish this year, or over the next ten years? Are you just getting started, preparing for retirement, getting ready to expand? No matter what your next step, Homestead How-To can offer resources and information that can help.

While New Year’s is known for “resolutions,” we prefer the term “goals.” Well-determined goals are measurable, attainable, and realistic – whereas resolutions are sometimes about setting unrealistic expectations because we think we haven’t done well enough. We prefer to see homesteading as a journey toward something rewarding and sufficient.

Below are 20 ways to live a more self-reliant lifestyle that have been shared on Homestead How-To (or our partner sites) in the last year. As you think about your goals for the upcoming year and decade, we hope these articles might spark some inspiration.

20 Ways to be more Self-Reliant in 2020

  1. Save money and become more self-sufficient by providing your own source of heat.
  2. Add a new livestock component to your operation and provide your own meat, by raising meat chickens.
  3. Clean up your cleaning supplies, and save money, by making your own laundry detergent or beeswax furniture polish.
  4. Get serious about growing more of your own food with a homemade grow light stand , a season-extending covered raised bed, and newspaper seed pots.
  5. Improve your health by baking with whole grains, and start making your own bread while you’re at it.
  6. Keep your family healthy, and take fewer over-the-counter medicines by using homemade fire cider or elderberry syrup.
  7. Add a new source of protein by fishing for your food.
  8. Save money and keep healthy chickens by fermenting your own chicken feed.
  9. Raise bees that are good for you and good for the world! Make a plan by reading up on how to get started with beekeeping.
  10. Switch to natural remedies as a different way to care for your livestock.
  11. Put all of those beautiful cast iron and brass pans on display (finally!) by building your own rustic pot rack.
  12. Take some time to increase your knowledge by reading one or two great homesteading books and joining the homesteaders book club!
  13. Try some new strategies to stay more organized on the homestead so you can accomplish your goals more effectively.
  14. Take those homemade goods up a notch by making your own professional-looking labels. Maybe even thinking about bringing them to market!
  15. De-clutter your house and/or add an extra source of income by selling used clothes that you no longer need.
  16. Make a commitment to connecting with other homesteaders who share your values of simplicity and self-reliance. Build your community, whether locally or virtually.
  17. Provide your own down-time rewards by making your own wine or other wildcrafted beverages.
  18. Get your kids more involved on the homestead by creating realistic ways for them to be involved, like owning a corner of the garden.
  19. Give yourself permission to dream about off-grid living, and read about one man’s journey toward that goal.
  20. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE and help others learn about your great work by writing an article for Homestead How-To!
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