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Bees, essential pollinators for our gardens, are naturally attracted to plants that offer nectar and pollen. They play a crucial role in sustaining ecosystems and ensuring the growth of many fruits and vegetables. By attracting bees to your garden, you help both their population and your plants thrive.

Here are 15 plants that will make your garden more bee friendly.

Butterfly Bush

butterfly bush
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Despite its name, the Butterfly Bush also offers abundant nectar for bees. Its long, fragrant blooms in various hues nourish many pollinators throughout the flowering season.

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Tickseed (Coreopsis)

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Coreopsis is known for its bright, daisy-like flowers in shades of yellow, gold, orange, and sometimes red or pink. This hardy, drought-tolerant plant blooms from early summer to fall, adding lasting color to the garden. It thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, making it an easy-care option for various settings.

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In the garden in the summer bloomed many pink flowers Phlox .Texture or background
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Phlox blooms in clusters of vibrant colors, emitting a sweet fragrance that’s irresistible to bees. Its long blooming period ensures a steady food source for visiting bees.


marigold plant
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These sun-loving, bright, and cheerful flowers are effective at deterring pests like mosquitoes and draw in bees with their vivid colors and rich nectar, making them a dual-purpose plant for any garden.

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looming goldenrod. Solidago, or goldenrods, is a genus of flowering plants in the aster family, Asteraceae
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With its glowing yellow blooms, Goldenrod is a beacon for bees. This hardy plant thrives in a variety of conditions, making it easy to grow while supporting a wide range of pollinators.

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Black Eye Susan

black eye susan
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The vibrant yellow petals and dark centers of Black-Eyed Susans make them a striking addition to any garden. They’re a visual treat and a favorite among bees for their plentiful nectar.


Zinnia flower in the garden
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These colorful flowers are easy to grow and bloom all summer, providing bees with a continuous feast of nectar. Zinnias are a must-have in any bee-friendly garden.


echinacea flowers
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Also known as Echinacea, Cornflower boasts nectar-rich blooms that attract bees. This resilient plant thrives in the sun and requires minimal care, making it perfect for low-maintenance gardens.

Bee Balm

Tall red flowers of Monard bee balm in the summer garden
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True to its name, Bee Balm is a magnet for bees as well as butterflies and hummingbirds. Part of the mint family, it’s easy to grow and provides aromatic flowers that spread joy and color.


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These towering beauties are not just a visual spectacle; they’re also bee magnets. Sunflowers offer a great amount of pollen and nectar, making them a vital food source for bees.


Purple flowers of Italian Asters, Michaelmas Daisy Aster Amellus , known as Italian Starwort, Fall Aster, violet blossom growing in garden, Italy. Soft focus
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Asters bloom in late summer to fall, providing bees with a critical nectar source when many other flowers have faded. Their colorful, daisy-like flowers are beautiful and a lifeline for bees preparing for winter.

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Salvia adds a wonderful aroma and texture to the garden. This herb thrives in well-drained soil and sunny locations, making it a low-maintenance option for attracting pollinators.


lavender in field
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Lavender has a beautiful, rich purple color with a comforting scent. Lavender adds beauty and fragrance to your garden, and bees are also very attracted to it. It’s easy to grow, loves the sun, and doesn’t need a lot of water, making it perfect for a low-maintenance garden.


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Alliums are striking ornamental bulbs known for their gorgeous blooms atop tall, slender stalks. These plants add dramatic height and visual interest to garden beds and borders. Alliums are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance.


Closeup of a catmint flower against a blue sky.
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Catmint produces beautiful flowers throughout the summer. It’s easy to grow, drought-tolerant, and thrives in full sun to partial shade. Deers despise the smell and will keep away from this perennial.

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