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When summer is in full swing, mosquitoes become a common annoyance. If these irritating insects invade your outdoor areas, you might be looking for natural ways to keep them away.

Adding certain herbs to your garden or around your house can be a natural mosquito repellent. These herbs have specific smells or oils that mosquitoes don’t like, keeping them at bay.

Here’s a list of herbs to help you keep mosquitoes away this summer.


rosemary plant
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Rosemary is a popular culinary herb that is great for cooking meals and has mosquito-repelling power. Its strong fragrance is a natural deterrent, keeping mosquitoes away from your garden. 

Rosemary might be most effective when burned on a fire pit or grill, but you can also rub a few pieces against your skin for added protection.

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Fresh lemongrass (citronella) on wooden background - Spice for health.
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Lemongrass is known for its high citral content, which makes it an effective mosquito repellant. Due to its delicious flavor, it is commonly used in many Thai meals and other culinary dishes. This herb makes an excellent addition to your natural repellant garden.


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While sage is a great herb to keep on hand to add flavor to homemade dishes, it is also perfect for keeping mosquitoes at bay.

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potted thyme plants with green leaves
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The oil released from crushed thyme leaves is effective in repelling mosquitoes.

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Citronella Grass

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Citronella grass is likely the most popular type of mosquito repellent, and it is most commonly used in candles and insect repellent products. And there is a good reason for this.

The essential oil extracted from citronella emits a strong citrus fragrance, which masks the scents that attract mosquitoes. By planting citronella in your garden, you can create a barrier that deters mosquitoes from entering your outdoor space.


image 45
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While many use peppermint for their morning tea or evening mojito cocktail, it is believed to have mosquito-repelling effects. Its powerful, refreshing scent is disliked by mosquitoes.

The strong scent may mask the mosquito’s ability to locate its targets, making it harder for them to find and bite you.

Lemon Balm

detail of lemon balm in the garden
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Lemon balm has a pleasant lemony scent that can create a beautiful aroma in your garden – but a very unpleasant scent for mosquitoes. This perennial can be grown in pots or directly in the ground, making it suitable for gardens of all sizes. Lemon balm can be invasive, so it’s best to plant it in a pot so it doesn’t overtake your herb garden


lavender in field
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Lavender is a beautiful, rich purple color with a comforting scent. It adds beauty and fragrance to your garden and acts as a natural mosquito repellent.

The strong scent of lavender is highly disliked by mosquitoes and gnats, making it an effective deterrent. Lavender are common garden plants that thrive in a sunny spot and can be grown in pots. 

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image 52
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Mosquitoes despise the smell of catnip  – thanks to a chemical called nepetalactone. This chemical is both a cat attractant and an insect repellant. While it is excellent for repelling mosquitoes, cats are attracted to it, so expect those neighborhood cats to find their way into your space. In addition, it can also be quite invasive to a garden bed.

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image 53
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Like rosemary, basil plants are the perfect herb for cooking and are efficient at repelling mosquitoes. Place this mosquito-repelling plant near the patio, deck, or any other outdoor space where you spend the most time.

Basil also harms mosquito larvae, so you can place it near stagnant water to deter mosquitoes from laying their eggs.

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Bee Balm

Tall red flowers of Monard bee balm in the summer garden
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Bee balm, not to be confused with lemon balm, is a member of the mint family. This plant leaves behind a scent that mosquitoes loathe. Like Lemon Balm, it is a perennial herb that helps deter mosquitoes.

While it is excellent for discouraging mosquitoes, it is equally effective at attracting pollinators like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden.

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